I am currently a PhD student studying Mathematics at Cardiff University, working alongside my supervisor Dr. Angela Mihai. My research title is 'elastic analysis of biogenic cellular structures' which at it's core is nonlinear elasticity and contact mechanics. To find out more, visit my research pages.

My private (self-funded) research involves lattice geometries within 3D printed objects, which gives the object a low density, yet its strong and can absort impacts and reduce vibration. This year it won a business ideas award: Cardiff Spark Ideas. If you would like to find out more, visit my lattice pages.

I love to share my passion with the public, hosting workshops and classes on 3D printing, deformation, fractals, tesselations and the internal geometric structure of objects around us. If you would like to me to organise something for your event, please get in touch! Some examples of past talks can be found on my research pages under 'Conferences & Workshops'.

I'm also very active in the Snowsports community, so check out my snowsports pages if you;re interested!

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